About Danang Setia Budi

Born on November 15th 1991, Danang spent his childhood with his parents at his place of birth, Pati, Central Java. Then he started his study at Bhayangkari 43 Kindergarten for three years. On 1998, He sat as student at Pati Kidul 01 Elementary School. There, Danang started his career as Mathematician after won two big competition in province level. Then, he continued his study at 3 Pati Junior High School that was very popular in his town. After graduating, he decided to continue his educational life far away from his hometown, at Taruna Nusantara Senior High School (Boarding School) Magelang, a school which prepare its students to become future leaders through applying the-3-main-concepts: intellectuality, personality, and physical endurance.

His career as mathematician started from Elementary School when he won Mathematics Olympiad and Mathematics Competition, both province level. Then he got Gold Medal when he wore white-blue uniform, at National Science Olympiad in Semarang.

Still wore the same uniform, he won City level of Senior High School Mathematics Olympiad. When he began to be Senior High School student, he got his second gold medal at National Science Olympiad in Surabaya. He kept his fighting and won many competitions in mathematics. Now, he has a silver medal from his experience in International Competitions And Assessments For Schools University of New South Wales 2009.

Out of mathematics, Danang now becomes a tourism ambassador of Pati regency, and he continues his study at Gadjah Mada University, Medical Doctor.